ARRI 27mm Master Prime Lens (PL, Feet)

ARRI 27mm Master Prime Lens (PL, Feet)
The ARRI/Zeiss 27mm Master Prime stands as one among a range of 16 exceptional lenses featuring unparalleled resolution, enhanced contrast, negligible breathing, and a fast T1.3 aperture for shallow depth of field effects. Inclusion of at least nine iris blades fosters cinematic bokeh with distinct focus fall-off. Advanced T*XP coating minimizes reflections and glare while boosting contrast. Chroma-keying comes clean with negligible chromatic aberration, courtesy of the aspherical lens elements. Even at wide open and close focus, image corner resolution is maintained. The lens enables lens data transfer to compatible cameras via the built-in LDS system and comes with an expanded focus scale with ample space for marks. The fluorescent engravings on the focus ring aid in inadequate lighting conditions. The ring can be reversed from feet to metric by a proficient technician. The lens weighs a mere 4.9 pounds and measures a compact 8" in length. The entire series of Master Prime Lenses, including the 27mm, flaunt a consistent focus, iris, and zoom ring placement for easy operability with follow focus, zoom control, and F/I/Z wireless systems. Most variants including the 27mm have a standard 114mm front diameter for seamless matte box adapter, filter use.
MSP Price$27,350.00

Product Highlights

  • Super-35 Sensor Coverage
  • T1.3 Rapid Aperture for Shallow Depth-of-Field
  • Minimal Lens Breathing
  • Significantly Diminished Flare