ARRI 32mm Master Prime Lens (PL, Feet)

ARRI 32mm Master Prime Lens (PL, Feet)
The ARRI 32mm Master Prime, part of a 16-piece set by ARRI/Zeiss, boasts outstanding resolution, enhanced contrast, negligible breathing, and a rapid T1.3 aperture ideal for achieving shallow depth of field. Falling within a range from 12mm to 150mm, Master Primes deliver noted Zeiss skin tones and color representation and are ensured to be color-consistent across the set. Built with a nine-blade iris, these lenses yield a cinematic bokeh effect and distinct focus fall-off. Dual floating elements enable optimal close-focus performance and minimizes breathing when focusing. The superior T*XP coating diminishes reflections and glare while escalating contrast. Engineered with aspherical elements for minimal chromatic aberration, the ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes guarantee optimal image quality and clean chroma-keying. The high resolution remains constant in image corners even when the lens is in wide open and close focus state. This 32mm Master Prime Lens exhibits a 14" minimum focus distance, focus marks set in feet, a relatively light weight of 5.1 pounds, and a compact length of 8". This lens series feature standard placement of focus, iris, and zoom rings to facilitate the use of follow focus, zoom control, and F/I/Z wireless systems. Most of the Master Prime family lenses, including this 32mm, have a standard 114mm front diameter, promoting the use of the same size matte box adapter, filter, and others.
MSP Price$27,350.00

Product Highlights

  • Covers Super-35 Sensor Format
  • Swift T1.3 Aperture for Shallow Depth of Field
  • Virtually Null Lens Breathing
  • Substantially Reduced Flare