ARRI 50mm Master Prime Cinema Lens with PL Mount and Metric Scale

ARRI 50mm Master Prime Cinema Lens with PL Mount and Metric Scale
The ARRI 50mm T1.3 Master Prime stands out with superb definition, high contrast, minimal focus breathing, and a bright T1.3 aperture to facilitate a shallow depth of field. The Master Primes range from 12mm to 150mm and deliver the signature skin tones and color fidelity Zeiss lenses are renowned for, all while being uniformly color-balanced. Equipped with a nine-blade iris, these lenses produce aesthetically pleasing bokeh and a distinct separation of the subject from the background. The high-end T*XP coating diminishes flare and ghosting while bolstering image contrast. Incorporating aspherical elements, this lens significantly curtails chromatic aberrations, guaranteeing superior picture performance and effortless chroma keying. Sharpness is preserved across the frame, even at maximum aperture and close-focusing distances. Each piece in the series comes with a PL mount and LDS technology for lens data communication with compatible camcorders. The spacious and well-lit focus scale ensures easy mark placement. The focus ring, showing both metric and imperial measurements, is reversible by a certified technician. This 50mm Master Prime boasts a 20-inch close focus capacity, metric focus scale, and maintains a lightweight at 5.9 pounds coupled with a compact 8-inch length. Consistency is key across the Master Prime range, with uniform positioning of the focus, iris, and zoom rings, facilitating their use with follow focus, zoom control, and F/I/Z wireless systems. Mattes, filters, and other accessories are compatible across most of the lineup, thanks to a common 114mm front diameter.
SeriesMaster Prime
Model50mm T1.3
MSP Price$29,740.00

Product Highlights

  • Supports Super-35 format
  • Bright T1.3 maximum aperture for depth control
  • Imperceptible lens breathing
  • Reduced glare and enhanced contrast