ARRI 50mm Master Prime Lens (PL Mount, Imperial Measurements)

ARRI 50mm Master Prime Lens (PL Mount, Imperial Measurements)
The ARRI 50mm Master Prime is a member of the renowned 16-lens set by ARRI/Zeiss, delivering superior resolution, enhanced contrast, and negligible image shift with its rapid T1.3 aperture for profound depth of field effects. The Zeiss-engineered spectrum provides stellar skin tone rendition and uniform color balance throughout the assortment. Designed with over nine iris blades, the bokeh quality is distinctively cinematic, complemented by dual floating elements that enhance close-up performance and reduce focus shifts. The T*XP coating diminishes specular reflections and augments contrast. Incorporating aspherical elements, the lenses minimize chromatic variations for pristine image quality, crucial for green-screen work. High image fidelity is preserved to the corners, even at full aperture and close proximity. Each lens is fitted with a PL mount and LDS technology for lens data integration with compatible systems. An extensive focus scale provides ample marking space, featuring luminescent engravings for low-light scenarios. The focus ring, marked in imperial units, includes interchangeable marking rings by a certified technician if metric measurements are desired. This particular 50mm lens maintains a 20-inch close focus threshold, focus calibration in feet, a manageable 5.9-pound weight, and a sleek 8-inch profile. Matched in ergonomics, the Master Primes facilitate seamless use with follow focus, zoom controllers, and wireless F/I/Z utilities, with a standard 114mm front diameter for consistent accessory compatibility.
SeriesMaster Prime
MSP Price$29,740.00

Product Highlights

  • Accommodates Super-35 Sensor Size
  • Bright T1.3 Maximum Aperture for Depth
  • Negligible Breathing Effect
  • Reduced Lens Flare and Ghosting