ARRI 75mm Master Prime Lens (PL)

ARRI 75mm Master Prime Lens (PL)
The ARRI 75mm Master Prime stands out with pristine resolution, superior contrast, negligible breathing, and a wide T1.3 aperture for depth of field control. It belongs to a collection of 16 ARRI/Zeiss lenses renowned for their incredible skin tones and accurate color reproduction. Matched for color across all focal lengths, they ensure visual consistency. The exquisite bokeh owes to a nine-blade iris design. The T*XP coating considerably lowers lens flare and elevates contrast for high-quality imagery. Aspherical lens elements are utilized to suppress chromatic aberrations and maintain exceptional image quality, which facilitates clean keying operations. These lenses offer impressive corner resolution even at maximum aperture and close focus. Every lens sports a PL mount and a LDS system for metadata acquisition. They feature comprehensive focus scales with vivid, low-light-friendly markings, and their focus ring markings are reversible between metric and imperial units by a qualified technician. The 75mm lens has a close focus at 32 inches, weighs 6.2 pounds, and measures 8 inches in length, making it easily manageable for productions. Uniform front diameters across the Master Prime series allow for consistent accessory compatibility.
SeriesMaster Prime
Model75mm T1.3
MSP Price$29,740.00

Product Highlights

  • Super-35 Sensor Coverage
  • Wide T1.3 Maximum Aperture
  • Minimal Breathing Effect
  • Reduced Lens Flare