ARRI Master Prime 32mm Lens (PL, in Meters)

ARRI Master Prime 32mm Lens (PL, in Meters)
The 32mm ARRI Master Prime forms a part of the set of 16 lenses from ARRI/Zeiss that offer high definition resolution, enhanced contrast, negligible breath, and a quick T1.3 aperture for creating shallow depth of field. With a range from 12mm to 150mm, the Master Primes deliver the characteristic skin tones and color reproduction for which Zeiss is renowned and are color-synchronized for compatibility across the series. These lenses include an iris inclusive of minimum nine blades for a cinematic bokeh with a clear focus gradient. Dual floating elements lend optimum close-focus performance while reducing the breath during focus. The advanced T*XP coating acts to decrease reflections and glare, thus improving contrast.
Model32mm Master Prime
MSP Price$27,350.00

Product Highlights

  • Capable of Covering Super-35 Sensor Size
  • Quick T1.3 Aperture for Creating Shallow Depth of Field
  • Negligible Lens Breathing
  • Significantly Lowered Flare