ARRI Signature Prime 12mm T1.8 Cinema Lens - Measurement in Feet

ARRI Signature Prime 12mm T1.8 Cinema Lens - Measurement in Feet
The ARRI Signature Prime lenses are designed as cinema lenses with an open standard, making them adaptable to various cameras. The LPL mount system enhances versatility, accommodating a comprehensive spectrum of focal lengths, inclusive of matching zooms. The 12mm T1.8 lens effectively handles full-frame, large-format sensors, and contributes to the Signature series' aesthetic, characterized by a graceful bokeh, measured flaring, and ample aperture for depth of field control. It renders a softened large-format appearance, true-to-life skin tones, and deep blacks. The distribution of focus transitions smoothly, emphasizing the subject within its backdrop. Additionally, the lens incorporates a magnetic rear net holder for user-driven diffusion and effect customization. Comprised of eleven iris blades, it generates smooth, circular bokeh, while the telecentric optical design ensures minimal focus breathing. The built-in LDS-2 lens data system compatibly interfaces with both ARRI’s LDS-1 and Cooke’s /i Technology. The Signature Prime is constructed with sturdy magnesium alloys and aluminum gears, ensuring it remains light, weather-resistant, with legible focus scales marked in feet. Its resilient design includes anti-reflective coatings and strategic light baffles to suppress internal reflections, and simplifies maintenance through easily accessible mechanics for service at ARRI facilities.
SeriesSignature Prime
Model12mm T1.8
MSP Price$46,460.00

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