ARRI Signature Prime 150mm T1.8 Cinema Lens

ARRI Signature Prime 150mm T1.8 Cinema Lens
Fashioned as an industry-wide, camera-agnostic lens series, the LPL-mount ARRI Signature Primes facilitate a variety of personalized aesthetics due to their extensive focal length portfolio and accompanying zooms. The 150mm T1.8 edition envelops all sensors up to full-frame, large-format dimensions. This particular focal length extends the series by rendering imagery that is instinctively organic, features appealing bokeh, and allows for soft lens flares, all while delivering a large aperture to create a shallow depth field. Characterized by its delightful rendition of skin tones and profound contrast, subjects stand out smoothly from their backgrounds. The lens' magnetic rear net holder endows filmmakers the freedom to introduce bespoke diffusion effects. The smooth bokeh owes its roundness to eleven iris blades, and the telecentric construction curtails breathing effects. Equipped with the LDS-2 lens data system, this unit precisely converses with ARRI's LDS-1 interface and incorporates support for Cooke's /i protocol. Cast from magnesium and boasting aluminum control rings, the ARRI Signature Prime is not just lightweight and able to resist the elements, but also displays distance markings in feet. Moreover, the optic manages stray reflections through its anti-reflective coatings and meticulously arranged light impediments within the barrel. Accessible lens components enable efficient maintenance by an ARRI service facility. A minimum focusing distance of 50 inches and a moderate weight of 7.7 pounds complement its concise 8.2-inch stature.
SeriesSignature Prime
Model150mm T1.8
MSP Price$38,100.00

Product Highlights

  • Full-frame and large-format sensor compatibility
  • Standardized LPL LDS-2 Lens Mount
  • Customizable through magnetic rear filter slot
  • Broad T1.8 to T22 Aperture Range