ARRI Signature Prime 18mm T1.8 Cinema Lens

ARRI Signature Prime 18mm T1.8 Cinema Lens
The ARRI Signature Prime 18mm T1.8 is engineered to meet the demands of professional cinematography. This lens provides high-resolution compatibility across sensors including full-frame and large-format up to 46mm, delivering images with a natural and smooth focus falloff. Its fast maximum aperture of T1.8 permits shallow depth of field and is ideal for working in low-light conditions. The ability to introduce customized effects such as diffusion using the magnetic rear net holder adds versatility. Its robust design combines magnesium housing and aluminum gear rings, ensuring lightweight durability, and making it ideal for on-location filmmaking.
SeriesSignature Prime
Model18mm T1.8
MSP Price$30,930.00

Product Highlights

  • Accommodates Large-Format Sensors
  • LPL LDS-2 Lens Mount
  • Customizable with Magnetic Rear Net Holder
  • Bright T1.8 Maximum Aperture