ARRI Signature Prime 280mm T2.8 Lens

ARRI Signature Prime 280mm T2.8 Lens
The ARRI Signature Prime 280mm T2.8 is a cinema-grade lens designed for universal compatibility, fitting seamlessly with multiple camera systems via its versatile LPL mount. With coverage suitable for full-frame and large-format sensors, this telephoto prime lens is part of a selection of 16 prime lenses heralded for rendering organic visuals, beautiful bokeh, sophisticated flaring and wide aperture capabilities for depth of field control. Its construction promotes natural tones, especially in skin, and excellent contrast. The lens's gradual focus transition places your subject in prominence against the backdrop. Innovative design allows for the incorporation of custom, creative diffusion effects through its magnetic rear net holder. It houses eleven iris blades generating smooth bokeh, while telecentric engineering reduces focus breathing. The integrated LDS-2 lens data system ensures compatibility with both previous ARRI's LDS-1 and Cooke's /i Technology. Constructed with durable magnesium and aluminum materials, each Signature Prime maintains a lightweight profile, is resistant to water, and features visible focus scales. Engineered with maintenance in mind, the lens allows for efficient servicing at ARRI facilities.
SeriesSignature Prime
Model280mm T2.8
MSP Price$46,460.00

Product Highlights

  • Full-Frame Sensor Compatibility
  • ARRI LPL LDS-2 Connection
  • Innovative Magnetic Filter Slot
  • Broad Aperture Range T2.8 - T22