ARRI Ultra Prime 100mm T1.9 Cinema Lens - PL Mount, Measurement in Feet

ARRI Ultra Prime 100mm T1.9 Cinema Lens - PL Mount, Measurement in Feet
The ARRI Ultra Prime 100mm T1.9 represents a premier PL mount lens ideal for Super-35 format utilization. Situated as a lengthier option within the extensive Ultra Prime roster ranging from 8mm to 180mm, it maintains optical consistency with the high-performance ARRI Master Prime series. Its suitability for HD and film camera systems is complemented by harmonious color matching throughout the ARRI lens lineup. Enhanced image rendition and natural skin tone representation are results of the iconic ARRI/Zeiss collaboration. The T* XP lens coating on this model effectively subdues flare and diminishes reflectivity. A 3'3" minimum focus distance, coupled with fleeting focus breathing, upholds the immersive narrative flow. Focus markings engraved on dual sides of the lens bolster operational convenience for focus adjustments. The standardized gear dimensions facilitate a seamless interface with both manual and motorized focus mechanisms. Uniform gear positioning across all 15 Ultra Prime lenses accelerates exchange processes without necessitating recalibration of attached lens peripherals. Moreover, the 100mm lens's uniform 95mm front diameter across most focal lengths optimizes matte box compatibility.
SeriesUltra Prime
Model100mm T1.9
MSP Price$18,150.00

Product Highlights

  • Super-35mm Compatibility
  • Standard PL Lens Mount
  • Bright T1.9 Max Aperture
  • Engineered Focus and Iris Gears