ARRI Ultra Prime 20mm Cinema Lens T1.9 (PL Mount, Measurement in Feet)

ARRI Ultra Prime 20mm Cinema Lens T1.9 (PL Mount, Measurement in Feet)
The ARRI Ultra Prime 20mm T1.9 lens is equipped with a PL mount suitable for Super-35 format. This wide-angle lens completes the diverse Ultra Prime collection ranging from 8mm to 180mm. Ultra Primes deliver a lightweight design while ensuring optical harmony with the swift ARRI Master Prime series. Suitable for both high-resolution digital and traditional film cameras, Ultra Primes offer consistent color matching throughout the ARRI lens lineup. Known for their supreme image clarity, vibrant color reproduction, and flattering skin tone portrayal, ARRI/Zeiss lenses feature a T* XP coating to diminish glaring and unwanted reflections. The 20mm provides a minimal close focus distance of 11 inches. With its prominent T1.9 aperture, cinematographers can capture scenes with a shallow depth-of-field. The lens construction facilitates minimal focus breathing, maintaining an immersive narrative without distraction from focus adjustments. Dual-sided focus markings on the 20mm lens barrel ensure convenient handling by the focus assistant from either side of the camera setup. The industry-accepted 0.8 Mod focus and iris gears integrate effortlessly with both manual and wireless follow focus systems. The entire Ultra Prime lineup maintains uniform focus and iris gear positions for quick lens changes without the need for adjusting attached accessories. This 20mm prime also retains the standard 95mm front diameter characteristic of the series, excluding extreme focal lengths, to streamline matte box attachment processes.
SeriesUltra Prime
ModelUltra Prime 20mm T1.9
MSP Price$17,310.00

Product Highlights

  • Designed for Super-35 Sensor Size
  • PL Lens Mount Compatibility
  • Bright T1.9 Maximum Aperture
  • Precision Geared Focus and Iris Rings