AstrHori 28mm f/13 Canon RF Macro Probe Lens

AstrHori 28mm f/13 Canon RF Macro Probe Lens
The AstrHori 28mm f/13 Macro Probe Lens, tailored for Canon RF mount cameras, offers a unique design for close-up, detailed photography and provides a remarkable 2:1 magnification ratio. Designed especially for intricate macro work, this lens is distinguished by its unique probe form factor that allows users to capture images from challenging angles and distances, including a minimum focus distance of 1.6 feet and a working distance of 0.3 inches.
Model28mm f/13 Macro Probe Lens
MSP Price$739.00

Product Highlights

  • Full-frame compatible
  • Close-up macro probe lens
  • Life-size 2:1 magnification
  • Minimum focusing distance of 1.6 feet