Canon 135mm Sumire Prime Lens T2.2 PL Mount

Canon 135mm Sumire Prime Lens T2.2 PL Mount
Canon's Sumire Prime 135mm manual focus lens is crafted for full frame and Super35 sensors, optimizing 4K production. With a PL mount and markings in feet, it delivers sharp resolution across the frame. Characterized by its gentle rendering of close-ups, the Prime 135mm reaches an alluring quality at its widest T2.2 aperture. A smooth 300° rotation between close focus and infinity ensures heightened focus precision.
SeriesSumire Prime
Model135mm T2.2 PL
MSP Price$7,410.00

Product Highlights

  • Engineered for 4K Cinema
  • Full Frame and Super35 Sensor Compatibility
  • Designed for Flattering Portraits
  • Bright T2.2 Aperture with 11-Blade Iris for Smooth Bokeh