Canon 20mm Sumire Prime T1.5 PL Mount Lens

Canon 20mm Sumire Prime T1.5 PL Mount Lens
This Canon 20mm manual focus cinema prime lens is compatible with full-frame and Super 35 sensors, providing sharp imagery suitable for 4K video content. With a wide T1.5 aperture and an 11-blade diaphragm, it produces a beautiful bokeh effect. Its robust construction facilitates 300° of smooth focus rotation for precise control. The design substantially reduces focus breathing, and with dual-sided focus scales (and phosphorescent markings for low light), operation is intuitive. Consistent front diameter, focus, and iris gear placement across the Sumire series simplifies swapping lenses.
SeriesSumire Prime
Model20mm T1.5 PL Mount
MSP Price$7,410.00

Product Highlights

  • Optimized for 4K cinema
  • Full-frame and Super 35 compatibility
  • Gentle rendering for attractive close-ups
  • Bright T1.5 aperture with a cinematic 11-blade iris