Canon 50mm Sumire Prime T1.3

Canon 50mm Sumire Prime T1.3
The Canon 50mm Sumire Prime T1.3 lens is engineered for manual focusing and is optimal for full-frame and Super 35 sensor formats, ensuring sharp resolution that is fit for 4K video production. It attaches easily to PL mounts and offers precision marked focus scales in feet. This series of Sumire lenses aims to produce fetching close-up shots with a soft-focus aesthetic that suits all skin types and facial features, intensifying as the aperture widens. The 50mm focal length delivers a wide T-stop of 1.3 along with an 11-blade diaphragm fostering gently blurred highlights and a visually appealing bokeh. With a 300° smooth-rotation from nearest focus to infinity, this lens guarantees precise focus control. It is constructed to reduce focus breathing and includes dual-sided focus distance indicators, with backlight-friendly markings for low-light visibility. Sumire lenses maintain uniformity in front diameter, focus rotation, and gear placement to facilitate quick lens changes.
SeriesSumire Prime
Model50mm Sumire Prime T1.3 PL
MSP Price$7,410.00

Product Highlights

  • Designed for 4K Cinematography
  • Accommodates Full Frame & Super 35 Sensors
  • Soft-Focus for Pleasing Portraits
  • Wide T1.3 Aperture, 11-Blade Diaphragm