Canon CN-E 45-135mm T2.4 LF Cinema Zoom Lens

Canon CN-E 45-135mm T2.4 LF Cinema Zoom Lens
Enhance your filmmaking options with the CN-E 45-135mm T2.4 LF Cinema EOS Flex Zoom Lens from Canon. This lens for EF-mount setups is consistently matched with other EOS cine lenses, offering a pleasing aesthetic with lifelike skin tones and precise color rendering. Its fast T2.4 aperture remains constant throughout the zoom range for stellar low-light performance. The Flex zooms can switch between EF and PL mounts, allowing for versatile use with different cinema cameras. The lenses' coated optics curb chromatic aberration and control lens flare and ghosting, making this zoom lens suitable for 4K to 8K HDR filming. An 11-blade diaphragm produces a cinematic out-of-focus quality, and the standardized gear placement and diameter are compatible with most matte boxes and cinema accessories.
Model45-135mm T2.4 LF
MSP Price$21,999.00

Product Highlights

  • Full-Frame Sensor Compatibility
  • Constant T2.4 Aperture, 11-Blade Diaphragm
  • EF Lens Mount
  • Compatible with Canon EOS Cinema Color