Cooke 100mm T2.6 Panchro/i Classic Cinema Prime Lens (PL Mount)

Cooke 100mm T2.6 Panchro/i Classic Cinema Prime Lens (PL Mount)
Merging the classic, warm visual aesthetics of historical Cooke Speed Panchro lenses with the benefit of i/Technology lens metadata capture, the modernized Cooke 100mm Panchro/i Classic Prime Lens is compatible with both digital and film cinema cameras. The lens boasts focus measurements in feet, supports formats up to and including full frame, and comes as part of an ensemble that matches well with Cooke's S4/i, 5/i, mini S4/i, and Anamorphic/i lineups. With comprehensive corrective measures for aberration, flare, and distortion, quality remains excellent over the entire image plane and through the full T2.6-22 aperture span. Cooke's /i Technology enables the prime lens to convey important lens details such as focal length, aperture values, and depth-of-field to congruent camera systems.
SeriesPanchro/i Classic
Model100mm T2.6
MSP Price$12,900.00

Product Highlights

  • Classic Cooke aesthetic with modern capabilities
  • Full-frame compatibility
  • PL mount integrated with /i Technology
  • Aperture range from T2.6 to T22