Cooke 16mm S4/i T2 Cinema Lens (PL Mount)

Cooke 16mm S4/i T2 Cinema Lens (PL Mount)
Cooke's 16mm S4/i T2 Cinema Prime Lens is revered for its outstanding optical quality, advanced /i Technology metadata capabilities, and its user-friendly mechanical design that features cam-driven focus adjustments. Boasting a versatile aperture setting from T2.0 to T22 and detailed focus scales in both metric and imperial measurements, this lens integrates color consistency with other recent Cooke cine lenses. Notably, the S4/i lenses are engineered to mitigate flare, minimize distortion, and control spherical aberrations and veiling glare at the widest aperture. These PL mount lenses are universally compatible with a wide range of professional grade cinema cameras. With the inclusion of Cooke's /i Technology, pivotal metadata like focusing distance, aperture settings, and lens specifics are easily recorded, thereby enhancing shot consistency, aiding visual effects assignments, and streamlining post-production workflows.
Model16mm T2
MSP Price$19,650.00

Product Highlights

  • Super35 Sensor Coverage
  • T2.0 Max Aperture
  • Cooke Color Harmonization
  • Metadata Integration with /i Technology