Cooke 18mm T2.0 S7/i Full Frame Plus Prime Cine Lens

Cooke 18mm T2.0 S7/i Full Frame Plus Prime Cine Lens
Equipped to cover expansive full frame cinema camera sensors, including those matching the sensor dimensions of the RED Weapon 8K, Cooke's 18mm T2.0 S7/i Full Frame Plus Prime Lens is synonymous with the distinctive Cooke cinematic aesthetic. This lens maintains color harmony across different Cooke lenses and features dual side focus markings for readability. The combination of a generously sized lens barrel and a 270-degree focus rotation ensures precise focus allocations, fundamental in critical close focus setups. It sports a PL mount,complementing a wide range of professional film and digital cinema cameras, and benefits from i/Technology contacts for metadata access, such as focus distance, aperture, and depth-of-field, directly to a compatible camera system.
Model18mm T2.0 S7/i
MSP Price$28,200.00

Product Highlights

  • Covers full frame sensors
  • Bright T2.0 max aperture
  • Cooke color consistency
  • Dual-sided focus markings