Cooke 25mm Panchro/i Classic T2.2 Prime Lens - PL Mount

Cooke 25mm Panchro/i Classic T2.2 Prime Lens - PL Mount
The Cooke 25mm Panchro/i T2.2 Classic Prime Lens merges the distinctive warm aesthetic of classic Cooke Speed Panchro lenses with the modern advantage of /i Technology for metadata capture. Compatible with both film and digital cinema cameras, this lens offers focus markings on each side in feet and is capable of covering full-frame sensors. As part of a series of prime lenses, this 25mm maintains a consistent 110mm front diameter, produces a soft, filmic bokeh through its nine-blade iris, and delivers image correction for aberration, flare, and distortion from wide open to fully stopped down. The Panchro/i Classic Primes boast color consistency with other Cooke lens families, ensuring a cohesive visual narrative.
SeriesPanchro/i Classic
Model25mm T2.2
MSP Price$14,000.00

Product Highlights

  • Classic Cooke Speed Panchro Aesthetic
  • Encompasses Full Frame Sensors
  • Sturdy PL Mount Integrated with /i Technology
  • Aperture Range: T2.2 to T22