Vintage Film Cameras

The digital age may be upon us, but vintage film cameras for both photography  and videography are both far from obsolete. Here you can find a range of used and vintage 35mm film cameras, as well as wide format, projection, and darkroom equipment. Sign-up now and start listing your used film cameras and developing equipment today!

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Film videography is a time honored tradition that delivers crisp, bright video with an incredible range of contrast. Photographers and videographers have been speaking through the analog lens for centuries, and continue avidly today. With lower initial costs for camera bodies and easy to learn mechanics, film cameras are a perfect place to start for beginners, or a brave new path for those experienced with the digital medium. Getting started in the darkroom requires a lot of patience, but gives you more control over the outcome of your shots, and can be quite forgiving in terms of focusing and exposure issues. Film cameras are also superior when it comes to capturing detail in the black and white ranges of color, and offer a timelessness that doesn't easily budge as technology advances. Gear Focus can connect you with a network of photographers and videographers like you who have a wealth of experience with analog processes, and are happy to share their knowledge!