Vintage Lenses

Buy and sell vintage camera lenses on Gear Focus. Vintage lenses can be an awesome addition to your digital set-up and work flow. Capture some cinematic footage or dust off that old vintage camera and start creating some unique images with vintage lenses from a wide range of brands like, Canon, Nikon, Carl Zeiss, Nikkor, Leitz Summar, Leica, Helios and many more. 

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Vintage lenses can be a great way to get some different glass for you to try without spending much money. But, there are also a number of hidden gems that can create stunning and singular results. Many photographers and videographers incorporate vintage camera lenses into their workflow to create images that you simply can't get with newer DSLR and Mirrorless lenses. Vintage lenses from brands like Canon, Nikon, Carl Zeiss, Nikkor, Leitz Summar and Hellios have a special quality to them and are often softer than new lenses. While you may want a sharp lens for certain instances, using an older lens can help create some stunning and cinematic images to bring your vision to life. Gear Focus is the place to buy and sell vintage camera lenses, with our lowest seller rates anywhere of only 3.5%.