Vintage Rangefinder Cameras

A rangefinder camera provides a unique take on the traditional viewfinder of the classic film cameras. Buy and sell new and used rangefinder cameras with Gear Focus, the #1 online marketplace for photographers and videographers. Add one of these unique cameras to your arsenal, or sign-up now to list one for sale!

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Rangefinder cameras are an interesting revolution in film camera technology. Rather than a system of mirrors, these rangefinder cameras have a separate system mounted near the lens to composite two overlapping images of the subject, allowing you to focus your lens. This allows you to shoot with both eyes open, rather than one, and gives you a better sense of the depth in your scene. Buy and sell new and used rangefinder cameras to try out this unique technology for yourself! Reduced shutter lag and zero shutter blackout, a more comprehensive real-time view, and a more fluid approach to your photography—what could be more perfect for a photojournalist in the making?