Service Photo of Baltimore, MD Joins Gear Focus Marketplace

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Dec 19, 2019

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Service Photo Among First Camera Stores to Join Gear Focus

If you have searched for used camera gear in the past, chances are you have run across one of the biggest sellers of used camera gear in the US. Over 50 years ago, Service Photo was founded to serve the photography needs of the local neighborhood and Baltimore-area consumer. Soon after launching Gear Focus and having our headquarters located in Maryland, we naturally reached out to new and Used Camera Stores in the area. We wanted to show them our vision to help them sell more new and used camera gear and get the highest value and earnings from their sales. Service Photo Camera Store - New & Used Gear

We're working to bring you the best possible experience

Used Camera Stores New ventures are tough, especially for businesses like Service Photo who have been doing business a certain way for many years. They have found great success doing things their own way. Convincing owners and camera shops is not an easy task, especially with ones who have a long track record. What closed the deal was a simple approach of never give up. The founder of Gear Focus simply did what it took to develop the relationship that we are very proud to announce. Most camera shops use eBay, Amazon, or their own e-commerce solution to sell both new and used camera gear online. Many, but not all, have adapted to our ever changing way of selling through online e-commerce and marketplace store fronts. The problem, is all of these solutions charge very large fees of 10% and even more. This leaves camera shops like Service Photo with very little profit from their sales. It also limits the amount of sales they produce due to the price they need to sell their camera gear to stay profitable. With Gear Focus' low seller fees of only 3.5% and a special offer to camera shops to try out Gear Focus with ZERO seller fees for the first 30 days, it really is a no brainer.

The first of many...

We are convinced that Service Photo is one of the first camera shops of many to find Gear Focus. And we are happy to put in the leg work for now to spread awareness of our marketplace. We truly believe that more and more users and larger camera shops will soon be finding our service. And when they do, there's no denying the cost effectiveness they will see right out of the gate. See for yourself why Gear Focus makes the most sense when you are looking to buy and sell used camera gear. There is no better time to join Gear Focus and start selling now.

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