Why Gear Focus?

Sell Used Camera Gear & Earn More

Why sell with Gear Focus?

With Gear Focus, you have the ability to sell to an audience comprised exclusively of other photographers, videographers, and filmmakers. When you list on Gear Focus, you are not only saving money on seller fees, but also getting your gear in front of the right audience! As photographers, videographers and gear lovers, we want to create the #1 community and best place to purchase photo and video gear online.

Lowest Selling Fees

Gear Focus offers free listings for sellers, and the lowest seller fees of any online marketplace at only 3.5%! List as many items as you want for free and create your online store front. Seller fees are only charged when your item(s) sell.

Better Value

Photography and videography gear can get very expensive, but if handled the right way it can last for years. By buying pre-owned you can get quality equipment at a fraction of the retail price, which means more for your budget. Buying used enables you to expand your kit more quickly, rather than saving up for a brand new gear. You can try out different setups, swap out pieces that become quickly outdated, and keep up with the constant evolution of your hobby or trade. We built Gear Focus with exactly this in mind, making it the ultimate marketplace for photographers, filmmakers, video editors, and anyone else in the industry.

Gear Focus Vs. the Competition


Unlike eBay, Gear Focus will never charge you for having multiple listings in different categories. With seller fees as high as 12.9%, eBay receives one of the highest cuts from the sale of your gear, and offers one of the most widest yet unfocused markets available. An invoice from eBay can take up to a month to appear in your inbox, rather than the fees being charged at the time of sale. The auction-based system makes it difficult to tell if you are getting a good deal, and eBay often allows users to display only one image of the product, or even a stock photo, and a vague description. If the seller decides that all sales are final, you may end up with someone's falsely-advertised junk and no way to get a refund. And if you really want your head to spin reading all the different fees that could be charged, take a look at this article on What Does It Cost You to Sell on eBay? - Dummies


The #1 issue selling your gear on Craigslist is obviously safety. Whether you're buying or selling, completing a trade on Craigslist means visiting a stranger to make a transaction. Craigslist also allows you to filter by area, limiting your ability to reach buyers. If you are unable to sell within seven days, you will need to re-list, and often the selling times exceed several weeks, if your items ever do sell.

Brokers and Big Box Stores

Brokers are notorious for undervaluing your gear. Their goal is to turn as much profit as they can when your items sell, which means they aren't a business invested in you or your craft. You submit your gear for a quote, ship it, then wait for a lowball pawn shop offer. The process is lengthy, low reward, and gives you very little control. You receive your payout when you accept their offer on your gear, but ultimately loose out on a lot of profit.

Facebook Marketplace

Usually loosely moderated and comprised of thousands of people with thousands of dissimilar products, Facebook Marketplace is a challenging place to buy and sell camera gear. You are restricted by location, as most sellers do not offer shipping, and finding quality used camera gear in a sea of furniture and bicycle tires can be a painful exercise of scrolling and patience. Your listings can get buried, and people might skip over or lose products that aren't categorized properly. The lack of organization/structure of product types means that your camera gear can easily be engulfed in unrelated products. There is also no standard of providing images and descriptions of products, meaning it can be a mixed bag on a marketplace that does not focus on your interests.

Sell with Confidence

With Gear Focus, know that you are selling your gear for the right price, to the right people, at the right cost! Read more about our seller fees and how they compare to the competition. Gear Focus is an online marketplace dedicated to serving the needs of filmmakers and photographers. When you list your gear on Gear Focus, you can be assured that your items will be seen by serious like-minded buyers.

Gear Focus Protection 

Buy and sell with confidence with confidence. With the Gear Focus Protection program, if your item is not as described, faulty, or D.O.A., Gear Focus will work on your behalf to reach a resolution. See Gear Focus Buyer Protection to see how you are protected. Gear Focus is committed to keeping both buyers and sellers safe while shopping and selling used camera gear. It is our goal to create the safest, most profitable, and friendliest community for buying and selling gear. This is why we have enhanced seller security by requiring sellers to verify both their email as well as phone numbers prior to listing with Gear Focus.

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