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10 Best Cameras for Blogging and Vlogging in 2020

With all of the different models and nuanced features out there, not to mention the loads of camera equipment, it can be difficult picking out the best vlogging cameras from the bunch. That is why we scoured the market to find the 10 best cameras for blogging and vlogging in 2020, ranging from beginner to advanced models. Continue reading

Blackmagic Design Ursa Pro 12KCamera Announced

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K Announced!

Well if the most recent announcement of the Canon R5 with 8K just wasn’t enough for you, then maybe 12K will be? Blackmagic just announced the brand new URSA Mini Pro 12K. After announcing “only” the new ATEM Mini Pro in their live stream in April, Blackmagic Design disappointed some of their customers waiting for a new camera. Well, the wait is over. Continue reading

Canon R6 Vs. R5 Mirrorless Camera – Specs Comparison

If you’re a filmmaker and unless you’ve been living under a rock, the ongoing anticipation of Canon’s new R5 & R6 mirrorless cameras have been the talk of the industry. We wanted to take a closer look at comparing the Canon R6 vs. R5 as far as the features and specs of both cameras and help you decide which camera is right for you. Continue reading

How to Photograph Fireworks like a PRO

How to Photograph Fireworks like a PRO • 10 TIPS

The 4th of July can be an awesome time to capture some amazing firework photographs. Check out our 10 tips for learning how to photograph awesome fireworks shots with ANY camera! We also give our best picks for cameras and gear we suggest for capturing fireworks like a pro. Continue reading


How to find the Best Deals on Used Cameras & Gear

Are you constantly searching for the best deals on used cameras and other camera gear? If so, you have experienced the constant pain of searching multiple websites, stores, even local camera shops to find the best deals. Often, this is when you might not have an exact piece of camera gear you are looking for, but rather looking to get the best deals on used cameras and other gear to build your collection and flush out your rig. Continue reading

DIY Trekpak divider system for hard cases

DIY Trekpak Divider System for Pelican Style Cases

Are you looking for a cheaper case divider system solution than what’s out there today? Well you’re in luck. We have come up with a DIY solution at a fraction of the cost of the Trekpak system. Full instructions and list of materials needed are included. So build yours today to save money decking out all of your Pelican style cases. Continue reading

Cinematic Lighting Tips

Cinematic Lighting Breakdown for Music Videos

Today we’re taking a look at a cinematic lighting breakdown for music videos. With such a subjective topic, there are obviously tons of ways to achieve the different looks and feels for your videos. So take these suggestions as just that – and alter them to fit your needs for your next music video!

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Cinematic Lighting Techniques Tips and Tricks

Cinematic Lighting Techniques Tips and Tricks

Have you ever seen a video online that seems to have an extra amount of… something? It can be hard to pinpoint, but some videos seem to be filmed in such a way that they seem professional and high-quality. The answer isn’t in the camera – it’s often in the lighting used to film the shot. Here we will provide some cinematic lighting techniques tips and tricks to up your video quality. Continue reading


The Most Popular Camera Lens in History – Helios 44-2 Bokeh King

Helios 44-2: The Most Popular Camera Lens in History

If you’ve been around photography for long enough, you have likely heard of the famed Helios 44-2. A favorite of the most “hipster” photographers, this historic lens comes from a line of Soviet lenses that actually got its start in Germany as a copy of the famous Carl Zeiss Biotar 58mm f/2 lens. The Soviet Helios 44-2, created in the 1950s, started out as a copy on the popular Zeiss lens of the time, but as the years passed the Helios took on a life – and legacy – of its own.

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