Smart Phones

With the advancing Technology of Smart Phones, the accessibility of crisp HD photos and videos has taken massive leaps and bounds. Buy and sell new and used smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google, and more for your travel-sized photography and videography needs. Sign-up now and start listing immediately!

Gear Focus brings you the newest listings from sellers offering new and used Smart Phones from brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, and more. Lightening your load for some shoots can be crucial, and grabbing a spontaneous shot might get you an awesome portfolio piece. Having the right cell phone with tons of storage will also help you keep track of clients, book consultations and gigs, and keep your moving business from screeching to a halt. As creators ourselves, we know that having a phone that keeps up with you is a necessary part of running a successful venture. As former teenagers (or so we say), we also understand that keeping up with the latest Smart Phone trend is a must. Kick your new tech cravings with an updated Smart Phone, or sell a used one and admit to the rest of the community that you couldn't pass up the iPhone X release party.