Video Editing Laptops

Laptops are the perfect solution for the photographer or videographer on the go. You can take them to any shoot, make edits on the move, and take your workflow to the next level. Buy and sell new and used laptops to take your show on the road! Shop for brands like Mac, Samsung, HP, Dell, Asus, and more. Many of our video editing laptops, like the Chromebook, are becoming more and more portable with tablet modes, allowing you to edit on the go with a stylus. Macbooks make Photoshop an intuitive part of the creative process with easy to understand file dropping systems, clear icons, and large storage capabilities. Choose the video editing laptop that fits your needs, offering a long battery life, large HD screen or retina display, and bluetooth capabilities that will accept a separate mouse or tablet to help you make quick, professional edits! Looking to buy and sell a used laptop and switch up your gear? Sign-up now and start listing immediately!

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Whether you're editing photos and videos, or Skyping a client, you need speed and dependability on your side. Buy and sell new and used laptops for all your editing needs. Photo and video editing softwares can be greedy when it comes to a computer's resources, so having the right combination of power and speed will allow you to head to the coffee shop to make a few edits. Gear Focus carries brands like Dell, Asus, Mac, Acer, Samsung, HP, and many more. These video editing laptops are ready to do some serious heavy lifting while remaining lightweight, giving you the freedom to attach multiple bluetooth devices, like a tablet or a mouse, and avoid overheating and crashing mid-render. We offer laptops with solid state drives and hard disk drives, with storage capacities from 128GB to 10TB. For more external storage, see our Hard Drive options.