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Getting true top dollar when selling your camera gear can be a struggle. We solve that problem by aiming to be the world’s most popular photo and video marketplace, our members gain access to a huge network of photographers, videographers, film makers and much more. Gear Focus takes the heavy lifting off your plate to help you sell your used camera equipment and video equipment faster, earn more and save time through the whole process. We market to millions of creatives through numerous channels so you don't have to.  No more listing on multiple channels, following up to update all listings. Once your item sells, we charge the lowest seller rates anywhere of just 3.5% and only after your item sells. It is completely free to list as many items as you want. 

Step 1: Create Your Account

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Gear Focus is FREE to join and all listings are completely free until you sell your camera and videography equipment. To create an account, simply click "My Account" at the top. You can enter your info manually or sign-up with Facebook or Google and start listing immediately!


Step 2: Prepare Your Gear 

Sell your used camera equipment

We all have equipment we no longer need and can't seem to part with, and sometimes those gems can get a little dusty! Be sure to clean everything to the best of your ability, removing any surface dust or grime that may have collected from use. This means getting out the rubbing alcohol, lens wipes, and rocket blower to get your gear ready for some beauty shots. Microfiber cloths, pre-moistened lens wipes, clean hand towels, and brushes with soft bristles are safe for your camera equipment and can be used to remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints. For more information on the cleaning process, check out our blog: How to Get Your Camera Equipment Ready for Sale.

Step 3: Price Your Gear to Sell

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Depending on the condition, your gear might still have tons of value. Check the original price to gauge how much your pieces are worth. Our Pricing Guide is a great tool for figuring out how the condition of the item will change its value, and it will help you get your gear sold quickly and fairly. We base our estimates on gear that has been sold with our site, which means you're always getting the best deal available. 

Need help determining at what price to sell your camera and video equipment? Contact us today, we are glad to help you get top dollar to sell your camera and video gear as fast as possible.

Step 4: List it!

List your used camera gear

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Snap some good photos, then write up a description. Sellers must include photos of the actual items showing the condition and any scratches or damage. Stock photos are not accepted for used items. New items can have stock manufacturers photos but should also include at least one photo of each item in its original box. 

When writing your description, you can often reference the model number online to see what the original company has to say in terms of the item's features. This will help give buyers a better idea of what you're selling. The more information the merrier! Don't forget to include details about any dings, scratches, or other defects that might change the condition or function of the gear. Check out our Listing Tips to help your used camera and video gear sell fast!

Once you're ready to sell your used camera equipment, visit the products tab in your My Account page.

Be prepared to answer questions about your product! Buyers may request more information or more pictures of the equipment. The more information you put in your description, the more likely you are to sell without having to take more photos or expand on your listing.


Step 5: Shipping 
Ship used camera gear easily

Once your camera or video gear has sold, you will need to pack your items for shipping. Be sure to package your gear neatly for shipment and label the package clearly. And include shipping and listing information inside the sealed package as well, just in case something happens to it. For more information about shipping, click here.

For information about fees and payouts, click here.

Selling Tips for Camera and Video Gear

Obviously competitive pricing is the best way to get your gear sold. However, one of the best ways to have your gear stand out among others is high quality images. Show exactly what you are selling and the item's condition. Still have the original packaging? Great! That can easily boost your listing as it shows you care about and take care of your items. Use the original packaging and pack the gear as closely as possible to the way you received it.

Offering free shipping is a great way to get buyers interested. If an item is taking a while to sell, consider lowering your asking price, or offer free shipping to sweeten the deal.