Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to create a seller account on Gear Focus?

Yes! Creating a seller on Gear Focus is 100% free. A fee is only charged once your item sells.

How do I create a seller account?

Our seller onboarding process is easy. Complete the required steps, which include having a valid email address, mailing address and adding a bank account or debit card on file. The card or bank on file is where funds will be transferred after an item sells. Note: Bank information is encrypted and never stored on Gear Focus’ servers.

How much profit do I make if a product is sold?

Gear Focus has the lowest fees in the industry. Here is a breakdown.

5% seller fee - This is the standard seller fee charged to all sales made through Gear Focus. There is no fee for creating a listing or if your item does not sell. The 5% seller fee applies to the total sale price (including shipping charges) once an item has sold.

3% Payment Processing Fee - This is the standard processing fee banks take to process online transactions. This fee does not go to Gear Focus.

How do I get paid?

Once you have sold an item and it has been delivered to the buyer, head over to “Balances” within the seller dashboard. Next click “Withdraw money” in the right-hand corner. Choose your payout method and the amount you’d like to withdraw.

How long does it take to get paid?

After the item has been delivered buyers have 48 hours to inspect the item. After 48 hours funds will automatically move from pending to available balance. From there you can withdraw funds instantly or normal payout (1-3 business days) from their Gear Focus balance.

As a seller, can I cancel an order?

Yes, sellers can cancel orders within 48 hours of purchase. Note: you will be charged the credit card processing fee of 3% if you cancel an order.

How do you avoid scammers?

Gear Focus is 100% committed to ensuring that every sale is completed with satisfaction to both buyer and seller. Our staff of creators is on hand to mediate in the unlikely event a dispute occurs between a buyer and seller. Funds are not released to the seller until a package has been delivered, allowing Gear Focus to work closely to resolve any dispute.

Because our fraud detection system is robust and our marketplace listings team reviews all listings for quality, disputes rarely occur.

What happens if the seller never ships my item?

Gear Focus holds your funds until the gear is delivered. If you don’t receive an item and no tracking is provided within 5 business days from purchase you will be issued a full refund.

What if an item is damaged in shipping?

If an item is less than $100 dollars it is automatically insured by the mail courier. For sellers to be protected, they need to purchase shipping protection directly through Gear Focus when purchasing a shipping label. If an item gets damaged in transit it is 100% insured. If shipping insurance is not purchased the seller is responsible for refunding the buyer.

Are you required to make a purchase if your offer is accepted?

You are responsible for reading the full Item listing before making an offer or purchase. When you make an offer and your offer is accepted by the Seller, you have a binding contract with the Seller.

A sale transaction is binding on both Seller and Buyer, and no returns, refunds, cancellations or retractions are allowed, except as permitted by these Terms. Once the offer is accepted by Seller, payment is completed instantly and the sale is made. As a buyer, your payment is only made if and when the seller accepts - until then no money is taken from your account.

Does Gear Focus offer warranties?

Gear Focus does not currently offer any explicit or implied warranties, nor any third-party warranties.

Does Gear Focus facilitate trade internationally?

Currently, Gear Focus is open to the following countries: United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Japan, China, France, Puerto Rico, Ireland. Sellers can choose which countries they are willing to ship their listings.

Who pays import duties on International items?

If your shipping address is located outside the seller's country, you will be subject to import duties and taxes. The costs of duties are NOT included on your Gear Focus order and will be billed by the transporter during the customs process or upon delivery. NOTE: import duties and taxes are non-refundable.

How Do Auctions Work?

When auctions on listings are available simply place your bid by clicking “place bid.” You'll place a bid and a max bid. You'll be required to enter payment source and your address. BIDS ARE FINAL! This means if you win the bid your payment source will be automatically charged.

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