ARRi 16mm Master Prime Lens by (PL, Measurements in Meters)

ARRi  16mm Master Prime Lens by (PL, Measurements in Meters)
The 16mm focal length member of ARRI and Zeiss's Master Prime series comes with top-tier resolution, ultra-high contrast, negligible breathing effect, and a swift T1.3 aperture for managing depth of field. The Master Primes series, covering from 12mm to 150mm, is renowned for Zeiss's signature color rendering and complexion tones, and every lens in the set comes perfectly color-matched. With a minimum of nine-blade iris, it gives a cinematic bokeh and notable focus shifting. The lens features dual floating elements providing minimized breathing while optimizing near focusing. The lens is also outfitted with the advanced T*XP coating to reduce glare and reflections and enhance contrast. With aspherical lens elements contributing to minimum chromatic aberration, this lens series offers top-notch visual quality and pure keying. The lens resolution remains constant even at wide-open aperture and closest focusing, both at the corners and center. This lens features a built-in LDS (Lens Data System), PL mount, and an extended focus scale allowing ample room for measurements. The scale illuminates in dim light conditions. The focus ring bears dual metric and feet measurements which can be reversed by an authorized service technician. The 16mm Master Prime Lens has a fairly short weight and compact size, featuring a 14" nearest focus distance, lens marks set in meters, weighing only 4.9 lbs, and a length of just 8". The series ensures ring placement for focus, iris, and zoom remains consistent, proving advantageous while using wireless F/I/Z, zoom control, or follow-focus systems. Majority of the Master Prime lenses, including the 16mm, have the same front diameter of 114mm, thereby easing the use of standard matte box adapters, filters, etc.
SeriesMaster Prime
MSP Price$32,130.00

Product Highlights

  • Accommodates Super-35 Sensor Dimension
  • Rapid T1.3 Aperture for Limited Depth of Field
  • Nearly Absent Lens Breathing
  • Significant Flare Reduction