Canon CN-E 45-135mm T2.4 LF Cinema EOS Zoom Lens

Canon CN-E 45-135mm T2.4 LF Cinema EOS Zoom Lens
Broaden your selection of Canon cinema lenses with the CN-E 45-135mm T2.4 LF EOS Cinema Flex Zoom Lens for full-frame sensors. Optimized for color consistency with other EOS cine lenses, this lens provides a warm cinematic appearance with natural skin representation and faithful color reproduction. Its comprehensive focal length and T2.4 aperture facilitate high-quality image capture, particularly in dim environments. Crafted for superior performance in 4K and 8K HDR video production, the lens warranties reduced chromatic aberrations with anti-flare and ghosting properties, while the 11-blade iris achieves soft, pleasing bokeh effects. Standardized gear positions and diameter sizes align with matte boxes and other film industry accessories, offering convenience during shoots. This PL-mount variant incorporates Cooke i/technology, capturing vital lens data for visual effects and post-production processes.
Model45-135mm T2.4 LF
MSP Price$21,999.00

Product Highlights

  • Fits Full-Frame Sensor Cameras
  • Continuous T2.4 Aperture, 11-Blade Iris
  • PL Mount with Cooke i/ Metadata Compatibility
  • Integrates with Canon EOS Cinema Hues