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Gear Focus was started in 2019 to create a marketplace geared toward photographers, videographers, filmmakers, photo & video editors, and likeminded creatives. Because Gear Focus is a site designed for creatives by creatives, it was important to us that we keep costs as low as possible. Our goal was to fill in the gap between sites that had a wide reach like eBay, and sites with minimal costs, like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. We believe that a site can and should have both. Read more about the benefits of selling your camera equipment with Gear Focus here.



Seller Fees

The goal of Gear Focus is to keep costs as low as possible: that's the whole reason the site was launched in the first place! With that in mind, we only charge a 3.5% seller fee after your item has sold! Read more about our seller fees.


Price Guide

The first step to selling your camera equipment is to determine the value of your gear. For how much would you like to sell? What's the lowest cost you would accept for your used gear? There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when determining the appropriate price for your gear. A great way to value your gear is market research: how much has similar camera equipment sold for recently? Have no fear, Gear Focus does this for you! Be sure to check out our pricing guide to see just how much you should charge for your gear.


Listing Tips

Learn how to add your products to Gear Focus

So now that you know the competitive price of your new or used camera gear, you are ready to list! But how do you market your items? The best advice we can give is descriptive text and clear images. Describe exactly what you have, and show pictures of all that is included and the condition that it is in. Read more of our listing tips here



We currently offer flat shipping fees for different country locations to allow easy shipping options for sellers. You can read more about our shipping policies and suggestions here.



Gear Focus initiates payouts after you have uploaded the tracking information and the item shows as "delivered." Your payment may take up to two business days to post to your account. For more information on Gear Focus's payment policies, please click here.