Seller Fees


Keeping the Lights On

Gear Focus charges a small fee for every gear transaction on our platform. We founded Gear Focus with the idea to keep buying and selling gear as profitable as possible. Maximizing your profits is the driving force behind all that we do. We also know that sellers will account for selling fees when pricing their items. Meaning they will increase the costs of their listed gear to compensate for the fees they will have to inevitably pay. With lower fees, sellers are more inclined to keep their pricing lower and more competitive. Therefore, our low fees are win-win! With that said, of course, we need to charge something in order to keep the site up-and-running. Rest assured, however, that the fees we charge are the lowest of any online marketplace!

Seller Fees

3.5% seller fee - This is the standard seller fee charged to all sales made through Gear Focus. There is no fee for creating a listing, and likewise no fee will be charged if your item does not sell. The 3.5% seller fee applies to the full sale price (including shipping charges) once an item has sold. Example: your camera sells for $500 and shipping is charged at $40. You will be charged $18.90, deducted from the final sale price of $540. That means a net profit of $481.10 in your pocket!


Gear Focus may at times reduce or remove this photography direct seller fee via special promotions, discounts, or coupons. Subject to the terms of each applicable offer.

2.9% + $0.35 per transaction payment processing fee - This fee is charged when a credit card is used for purchases. This fee cannot be waived. The credit card fee applies only to sales using a credit card as payment. This fee will also apply to an item paid for via PayPal.