Video Production & Editing Equipment

The right production and video editing equipment can save even the most experienced photographer or videographer tons of time in post production. Browse our collection of used audio and video production equipment, including monitors and screens, to get your footage looking its absolute best. Sign-up now and start listing your used video production and editing equipment.

Even beginners to photography and videography know that the process doesn't end once the shutter closes. An incredible amount of work can go into planning a shot or a scene, and with the right boom mics, production lighting, and other production equipment, you can make the job easier behind the curtain later. Shop Gear Focus for the best selection of video editing monitors with bright, color-accurate displays, or sell them here if you need to upgrade. Gear Focus can connect you with a community of photographers and videographers selling a wide variety of mics, including Rode and Sennheiser, and other editing tools that will keep your audio clear and bright. Capture photos, videos, and sound in HD and even grab a great monitor or set of headphones for playback. With the right equipment, your careful planning will never be wasted again!