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Oct 25, 2019

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Buying things used, particularly used electronics and used camera equipment, can be daunting if you don't know where to start, and might not give you the most for your money. With such a vast internet catalogue to sort through, and all the trust required to buy something like camera equipment, is it more worthwhile to buy new? This simple guide will give you the information you need to successfully buy and sell cameras online! Upgrading to a newer/better camera? One of the first things you may want to do is sell your old or current camera! Selling used cameras gear online is a great way to cover a chunk of the expense of your new camera. We explore more of the benefits of buying and selling used camera equipment online in this guide as well.


While many brick and mortar stores offer new camera equipment at reasonable rates, these prices can still be far outside the budget range of a hobbyist, or someone new to photography. Knowing what you like and exactly how you'll use it might be justification for experts to invest in higher prices. People who prefer to test drive a camera, or even experiment with a new lens, are often better off opting for used products. A used camera, like a used car, will perform admirably if it is maintained. The problem with buying a brand new setup is that it loses value the minute you take it out of the box. So how much is a box actually worth, anyway? Going from "new" to "used" with the removal of a sticker could cost hundreds. Buying a used camera online means that you are not paying for the sticker on the box—you are paying for the actual camera! This means more for your money, and therefore allows you more freedom to enjoy your hobby or profession. Marketplaces like Gear Focus serve to offer a connection point between a buyer and a seller of used cameras and equipment. Sites like these can offer some security when it comes to buying something online, and the minimal transaction fees don't inflate prices as high as larger sites like Ebay or Amazon. Small, reputable companies that garner a photography equipment network are more likely to have reasonable prices and reputable sellers. This gives uses the best place to sell used camera equipment.


Again, like a used car, a used camera does not lose its ability to function simply because it has been "driven off the lot". Conversely, buying something used can mean that it has been tested and has proven itself to work. Buying directly from a professional photographer or videographer can mean that you are connected with someone who has used the camera and maintained it for optimal performance. Take a look at the pictures of the used camera, as these will more often than not, tell you a lot about not only its condition but also the user who is selling it. The better the pictures, the more likely the used camera is in the condition stated on the listing. Selling Used Cameras A lot of times, buying something online means not getting to test it beforehand. With something like a pair of jeans, this could be an absolute deal-breaker. Something like a lawn mower, or a mattress, might benefit from the convenience of front door delivery, but what about used camera equipment? One of the risks you face with an online purchase is that the piece won't be what you need, and buying it used creates the possibility for undisclosed damage to prevent your pricey purchase from doing its job. Make sure it's been tested. If you are buying a used camera online in a high-pressure auction on a site like Ebay, you might not have time to ensure that the equipment has been inspected. What you see might be less than what you get, depending on the amount of information given about the product. Make sure that the site you visit is reputable and has a good customer service model that can ensure the quality of your product. Do your homework. Many online purchases require due diligence and research - used camera equipment being no exception. Some companies have customer service representatives that are happy to answer questions and give suggestions based on your needs. If you prefer the security net of a helpful hand, make your purchase with a company that cares about your business and will allow you to ask questions about the products. Speak with a customer service representative, review the images of the equipment, and understand the return policies before making your purchase. If you are purchasing from a marketplace like Gear Focus, make sure to message the seller directly, as they will be the ones to answer any questions about the used camera gear you are inquiring about. Inspect the gear once you receive it. Once your receive your used camera gear, make sure to inspect it thoroughly. Start by inspecting the body for any damage that wasn't specified in the listing. Then check the mirror for any dust, scratches, etc. (If you bought a used mirrorless camera, obviously you do not need to check the mirror, as there isn't any!). If you bought a lens, inspect the front and rear glass for again any scratches or even fungus on older vintage lenses. If there are any issues with your used gear, contact the seller right away. Usually there are return policies, which can be different from seller to seller. Most sellers offer a 7-day return policy from receipt of the item. For a more in depth article and video on inspecting your used camera gear, take a look at our post and video here.

Selling Used Camera Gear?

If you are looking to upgrade to a bigger and better camera, a common starting place is to sell your current camera. Selling your used camera is a great way to get some extra cash to put towards your new camera! Selling Used Cameras First, determine the value of your gear. Spend the time to do a bit of research on what your camera may be worth. Look to see what they sell for brand new, and look to other sites to see what kind of prices they are listed at when selling used. Gear Focus can be a great resource for helping determine the value based on similar listings. There is also a price guide available that can help show recent pricing trends so you know the fair market value of your used camera gear.

I know how much I want to sell my camera for, now what?

The next step is finding a buyer. This, of course, is easier said than done. Finding the right buyer for your gear is never easy. You want to find someone who is serious about buying, and that is not looking to haggle the price down to unreasonable levels. Large sites like eBay can be great for finding a wide audience, but they tend to overcharge for commissions and fees (10-12%+ of your profits). Big box stores will buy used gear, but often at very low rates. They take the hassle of finding a seller in much the same way a used car lot will buy your old car. This can save you time, but could cost you $$$ in the long run. These stores often offer 70% or less of the camera's value. Conversely, free marketplaces like Craigslist offer a much smaller audience so there is less of a chance of finding a serious buyer. Also, sites like those are often rife with scammers and can even be dangerous to sell your used gear.

That's the reason Gear Focus was created

Gear Focus was created to fill this void: Large audiences geared specifically to camera gear and accessories, with low fees. Gear Focus was created by photographers looking to earn the most for their valuable used camera gear. Trust Gear Focus to enable safe transactions with a large audience of buyers specifically looking for used cameras and camera accessories.

Now that you know where and how much to sell, list your items!

List your used camera items online on Gear Focus and start selling now. Once a buyer purchases your item, ship it out and get paid. You'll have the most value for your camera in hand which you can then use to put towards your new upgraded camera. It's also super simple and easy to apply your Gear Focus balance directly to your next purchase! Upgrading to a new camera is always an exciting time, even if it's hard to part with some of our older favorite camera gear. But if you sell your used camera you can use that money to purchase something else and get back out shooting! As always, Gear Focus is here to help feed your passion. Rely on the experts at Gear Focus to help you sell your used camera gear for the most value, and find your next camera upgrade used and save! The Benefits of Buying products & Selling Used Camera Gear Online

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