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Dec 11, 2019

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Starting a new company and movement to an existing industry is not an easy venture. Getting others onboard who believe in your vision is therefore vital to any business. This  could not be more true with Gear Focus. Soon after launch we saw a few new listings come through for Sony gear and reached out to the seller. Their store had a nice logo, complete information describing themselves as a seller, and nice product photos. And most importantly, Digital Outfitters had appropriately priced their used camera gear. After a very nice conversation with the seller we shared more information about our vision. From there, they chose to remove a bunch of their listings from eBay and list their items on Gear Focus! Having partners of camera shops as well as full-time sellers is an important part of growing inventory for the buyers. We couldn't be more excited to partner with Digital Outfitters to help them earn more for their new and used camera camera gear, especially when they are the reputable type of seller we are focused on having part of Gear Focus.

Featured Seller: Digital Outfitters

Visit Digital Outfitters store page now to shop for some great new and used camera gear at great prices. Also, feel free to contact them on their store page, should you have any questions about their items they have for sale. They are very responsive and happy to help, which aligns perfectly with our goal to make Gear Focus the #1 online marketplace to buy and sell camera gear online. Digital Outfitters

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