Assembling a Versatile Filmmaking Camera Rig

Assembling a Versatile Filmmaking Camera Rig
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Jun 29, 2020

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With so many options for filmmaking equipment, it's hard to choose what comes with you to a shoot. You want to keep the essentials close by, but can't sacrifice quality in order to lighten your load. So what is the secret to assembling a versatile filmmaking camera rig? More importantly, with so many choices available, what will be a part of yours? For inspiration, see how our friend, Dan, set up his rig! [embed][/embed]

Versatile Filmmaking Camera Rigs

Camera Rigs Your camera rig should consist of the things you tend to take with you on a shoot, but can double as your "at home" kit, too. Assembling your rig may take some time and testing before you settle on what works. Don't be discouraged! Your needs change over time and so will your filmmaking. Assembling a rig that can be adjusted as-needed is a great place to start. Every filmmaker is different, so don't be afraid to try different combinations. Start out with some of the basics!

Blackmagic Cameras

blackmagic camera Choosing the right camera is the first step in assembling your rig. Blackmagic is one of the top brands when it comes to video cameras and equipment. Their affordable prices and wide selection make Blackmagic cameras the obvious choice for videographers everywhere. From hobbyists to professionals, Blackmagic has the right product for the right price. Many of their cameras feature 4k or 6k RAW shooting, rich shadows, crisp detail capture, and plenty of features that make shooting with these cameras a true pleasure. The options are endless when it comes to setting up a Blackmagic rig. You can choose from any number of accessories and add-ons to make your setup streamlined and timeless. Blackmagic 4K, Blackmagic 6K and the 6K Pro.

Choosing the Right Cage

Assembling versatile filmmaking camera rigs Next, you'll want to scope out the right base to start assembling your rig. The cage is how you protect your camera on set and on location. Many cages have specific slots for certain gear, and most allow you to mount SD cards, battery packs, and focusing tools. Your cage will also be an important part of how your camera moves. If your filming is primarily stationary, you can afford to go with a heavier, more sizeable cage that allows for more add-ons. If you're constantly on the go you will want to opt for a lighter setup. Most cages have plenty of mounting points to let you customize your accessories, so your rig can change with your needs.

Audio Add-Ons

Microphone Accessories Another thing you'll want to consider when assembling a versatile filmmaking camera rig is your sound equipment. Depending on your camera you may not have built in audio functions. If you do have a built-in mic, it is likely that you will want something external to capture higher quality sound. When assembling your rig you can choose from a number of portable digital recorders, including shotgun mics and even boom mics with a mini-jack input accessory. After you have chosen your cage it is a good idea to consider where larger equipment, like a mic, would attach. Smaller accessories might be more flexible, but a larger mic would need to take up more central real estate. You'll likely place it front and center! Make sure your cage can accommodate a top-mounted mic if you have one.

Monitor Add-Ons

Monitor Add-On While some digital cameras have screens that allow you to view your work, others do not allow instant playback. To set up your shot and view it in real time, you will want to add a monitor to your rig. Cameras like the Blackmagic series work well with separate screens that allow you to view your work in true color. This is invaluable when it comes to setting up your lighting. Some cages have plenty of room for an external monitor, while others leave openings for a camera's built-in screen. Be sure to consider your options when assembling your personal rig!

Assembling Your Rig

Once you have all the pieces in mind, you can start putting it together! Assembling your rig may take some trial and error, but having everything where you need it is well worth it. The time you save having all your favorite equipment in one spot makes up for the hassle. Set up your home equipment for travel, or use it as a way to organize your different sets of gear around your home or studio. For more ideas about what equipment you can include in your latest setup, Shop all our New & Used camera gear!

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