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Apr 22, 2020

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Whether you’ve been a photographer for decades or you’re just beginning, there’s no question that photography is a ton of fun. However, many people don’t realize that photography is healthy, too. Continue reading to learn the health benefits of photography.

Photography gets you outside and moving

Depending on which type of photography you enjoy most, you may get more physical activity than others. For instance, nature or landscape photographers may need to hike, walk, or bike to their destinations to get the perfect shot. Getting up, keeping our bodies moving, and staying active is vital to our long-term health, so next time you leave for a photoshoot within a reasonable distance, try walking or biking to get some extra activity.

You’ll find new inspiration

It doesn’t matter who you are, your background, or where you’ve come from—everybody needs some inspiration. Our mental health depends on finding new ways to feel inspired, and trying new types of photography will help you do just that. Let’s say you’re a nature photographer; sometimes all you need to do is get on a trail and start hiking. You never know what will stand out to you in a new way if you have an open mind.

Reduced anxiety and depression

Mental health is just as much a part of overall wellness as physical fitness. This article demonstrates that photography can help to improve mental health by reducing anxiety and depression. In many cases, individuals who struggle with mental health challenges simply need structure, consistency, and a creative outlet. Photography is certainly one of the best ways to find a creative outlet, especially since you’re in control. The art of photography gives you a voice and an outlet to tell your story.

You can’t be healthy without personal growth

As with any creative hobby or career, you need to stretch yourself in order to improve. However, stretching yourself creatively not only helps you improve your craft but your health as well. Our brains need fresh stimuli to grow. Sure, if you only ever create portrait photography, you’ll probably get better at that style. However, that style will also become muscle memory after a while, leading to a creative plateau. Instead, keep learning new styles and challenging yourself. Maybe you’ve heard of some of these health benefits of photography, or maybe you just thought it was a fun, creative hobby. If you haven’t heard about the health benefits, we hope they inspire you to pick up a camera and improve your health and creativity. Here at Gear Focus, we want to bring creatives together as a community and offer a platform to buy and sell new or used camera gear. When it comes to photography, we’re all in because we know how it makes us feel––are you all in? If you’re looking for a used DSLR or need to upgrade, check out our wide inventory today.

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