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Feb 16, 2021

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The new Samyang AF 85mm F1/.4 RF is one of the first third-party lensesĀ  to be available for the Canon RF Mount. The current line up offering from Samyang features the 14mm F/2.8 and the 85mm F/1.4. We have reviewed both of these lenses but today we are talking specifically about the Samyang AF 85mm F/1.4 RF.

How Does the Lens Stack Up?

In our review video, we put the Samyang AF 85mm 1.4 RF up against the Canon 85mm F/1.4 to see how it would perform. There were quite a few noticeable differences


If you're a travel photographer, the weight of your gear can play a huge role in determining what you bring with you. The Samyang AF 85mm 1.4 RF is noticeable lighter coming in at 1.28 lbs (580g) where the Canon is 2.09 lbs (950g). That is quite a difference, especially considering they are prime lenses.

Auto Focus Performance

The "AF" moniker refers to the fact that these lenses have Auto Focus capabilities. Since Samyang/Rokinon are one of the first manufacturers to release an RF mount lens, the auto focus capabilities leave a little bit to be desired. The Canon is much faster at finding its focus point whereas the Samyang AF 85mm 1.4 RF tends to hunt a little bit.

Color Shift and Light Transmission

Arguably the largest difference between these two lenses is the color shift. The Samyang AF 85mm 1.4 RF has a warmer tone to it that is clearly visible when comparing the images side by side. Also, the lens seems to not transmit light as well as the Canon.


In the video above, Brian goes into more detail about each of the talking points above. We would love to hear what your thoughts are on the lens. Is this something that you would add to your kit? Or would you pass it up for another lens? Let us know!

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