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Mar 31, 2021

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Cinema lenses can be pretty costly. The NEW DZOFilm VESPID Prime lenses are the best budget lenses for cinema. They also deliver great results for the price point. The DZOFilm VESPID prime lenses include 25, 35, 50, 75,100, 125mm, and 90mm macro models with a PL mount and an EF mount option. Each prime lens features a fast T2.1 aperture and a 16-blade iris to produce a soft, silky bokeh for stunning images, even in low light. These lenses are lightweight and offer impeccable features that we tested out, so you don't have to. [embed][/embed]

Gear Focus Test

In this video, we tested the DZOFilm VESPID Prime lenses with the most commonly used cinematography cameras. That includes; Canon C200, Canon R5, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, and the Red Helium 8K.


NEW DZOFilm VESPID PrimeCinema Lenses Weigh between 1.6 and 2.1 lb. These compact and lightweight field lenses are ideal for small and lightweight cinema cameras. They are also good for run-and-gun setups. We also recommend them for drone work as well as gimbal rigs. NEW DZOFilm VESPID Prime cinema lenses provide a beautiful cinema-quality image, each featuring a 46.5mm image circle covering full-frame cine sensors.

Lens Sizing

The entire lens line shares an 80mm front diameter, 77mm filter thread size, and 0.8 MOD focus/iris cine gears, making it easy to change matte boxes, follow focus motors, and other gear without much reconfiguration. The lenses feature manual iris rotation ranging from 58° on the 50mm model to 84° rotation on the 125mm model and a manual focus rotation range of 270° on all models. The 90mm macro model features a close focus distance of 10.1" so you can add crisp, clear close-up shots of your subject.


The lenses feature an internal focus design that minimizes focus breathing while keeping the front of the lens from rotating. This also keeps the lens from changing size while you change focus. The modern mechanical design allows the lenses to share the same 80mm front diameter and common gear positions for fast lens changes. The focus and iris gears' shared position across the lens for fast lens changes with minimal lens accessories adjustment. The DZOFilm VESPID 25mm T2.1 Lens is well suited for independent and high-end full-frame cinematography. Each lens owns a 46.5mm image circle that covers full-frame cine sensors.

Image Quality

DZOFilm lenses are mainly used by independent filmmakers that demand cinema application. Their lenses are affordable and constitute a rehoused version of still lenses. Nevertheless, filmmakers say that this glass has an optimal cost-effective ratio. The coated optics help provide natural-looking contrast while controlling the veiling glare and specular highlights. This is important when preventing flares from washing out your image. The 16-blade iris provides such a natural bokeh as well as smoothly rounded out of focus highlights.

Final Thoughts

The NEW DZOFilm, VESPID Prime lenses provide an organic look. The style is a hybrid of modern-day cold and technically precise aesthetic and vintage cinema lenses. The front of the 25mm T2.1 lens has a 77mm filter thread. This type of filter thread allows you to use optional filters directly on the lens, which is useful when you need filtration when shooting without a matte box. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are other options available. You can visit the Gear Focus site to view more lenses that might better fit your needs. Let us know what you think about the VESPID series. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and insights on photography, cinematography, and filmmaking gear!

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