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May 12, 2021

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It is no secret that the Canon EOS R5 has improved video skills thanks to new firmware updates. Canon has confirmed that the EOS R5c (c for cinema) will be announced later this year, with availability next year. This means it will be released 18 months after the Canon R5. According to rumors, Canon’s EOS R5c camera will arrive soon with an upscaled cooling system, C-Log2, and the same sensor as we have seen in the Canon EOS R5 camera. For a complete overview of the R5, click the video below.

CANON R5 Tutorial

The Cooling System

The Canon EOS R5c will come with active cooling. This feature will definitely be adding weight, Nonetheless, potentially losing weatherproofing to let you shoot a high-quality video for much longer. This should prevent overheating, which was a problem with the R5. The limited video shooting is 35 minutes continuously at 4K/60, or just 15 minutes at 8K. Most Pro videographers prefer to have more time.

But wait! How can active cooling be added to a mirrorless camera? Active cooling usually means using a fan to create cooling. This introduces a few concerning issues, especially in a camera for video. Will fan noise be noticeable during capture? While pro-level RED cameras use fans, their microphones are less likely to sit just a handful of centimeters away from the noise in real-world shooting scenarios, like on the EOS R5c. And how might Canon maintain weather sealing in a camera with a fan? Such cooling systems rely on clear airflow between the component heatsinks and the outside world.

C-Log2 & Sensors

As a camera that'll be aimed at pro cinematographers, it'll also apparently have a C-Log 2 profile, which helps the footage be color graded afterward. The addition of Canon Log 2 is a big deal for serious videographers and content creators. The Canon R5 is only limited to Canon Log 1. It is rumored that not only C-Log 2 but also C-Log 3 could be coming to the R5 in a future firmware update. Based on how Canon likes to present its Cinema EOS products, these log modes may remain exclusive to the R5c.

Given the EOS R5c is tipped to have the same sensor as the Canon EOS R5, this means we can expect it to have a 45MP resolution with Dual Pixel AF II, plus the ability to shoot 8K/30p. Like its more photography-focused sibling, it'll also likely be able to shoot raw video internally and slo-mo 4K/120p, too.

Size & Weight

How much larger is the Canon EOS R5c going to be compared to the R5? Will it have the same level of weather resistance as the EOS R5? As mentioned earlier, with the added cooling system, it will be heavier. A larger body is also expected with new featured firmware updates.  Canon already has the Canon EOS C70 in its lineup, its lightest Cinema EOS camera, and smaller than DSLRs like the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III. But the EOS R5c may slot in between than cinema camera and the EOS R5.

What to expect

We should expect pricing to be more expensive than Canon EOS R5 at $3,899.00 with the newly added features. But think about it this way, a Canon EOS R5 that doesn't overheat as well as the best log mode? It's the camera that many shooters have been waiting for

The R5c will have a similar spec to the R5. FIrstly, the same sensors and same recording options. Secondly, it will have a slightly bigger body with an active cooling system. Lastly, the R5c will feature the upgraded C-Log 2. So there are relatively high expectations for this product to hit the market. What will they do next?!


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