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Aug 6, 2021

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Canon has announced the development of the EOS R3. This camera will fall somewhere between the EOS R5 and the 1D X Mark III. Let's take a look at the Canon R3 camera specs in this review!

The Canon EOS R3 The EOS R3 was teased in April, with an official announcement expected in September. But even without an official announcement, we have a ton of information on what to expect from this new release.

What We Do Know about the Canon EOS R3

EOS R3 Here are some things that we do know for sure about the EOS R3. It is going to have a pro-style body similar to that of the Canon EOS-1D X Mk III. The new camera will have a full-frame stacked sensor that will give it faster read-out speeds as well as improved rolling shutter performance.


Rear of Canon EOS R3 The EOS R5 will have an electronic shutter capable of an awesome 30 fps. Another interesting piece of tech is the eye-control autofocus. This development will allow you to change the focus point by looking at a different part of the subject on the viewfinder. Incredible. This will of course only be available in stills mode, but it is definitely something we are looking forward to trying out.


Now lets switch over to some of the video specs that the Canon EOS R3 offers. The EOS R3 will offer over-sampled 4K video recording as well as RAW video. Another cool feature is the people, animal, and motorsports tracking modes. The EOS R3 is also rumored to have a 24 MP sensor that gives you a 6K video read out.

Who is This Camera For?

So then the question is who is this camera designed for? In our opinion this camera is designed for a professional photographer that is looking to switch over to the RF lineup of lenses. This camera lends itself perfectly to a professional photographer's workflow. What about you? Will you be preordering the Canon EOS R3? Be sure to list your old camera equipment on Gear Focus to earn the most for your used cameras. Then you'll have some cash to put towards your preorder! Who is the Canon EOS R3 for?

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