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Nov 13, 2021

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If you are breaking into the photography and videography industry, you may be focused on buying the best camera and lens kit on the market. However, have you put any thought toward your lighting? Check out our basic camera lighting tips for great videography and photography.

Basic Lighting Tips For an Improved Lighting Setup

While many believe that having great lighting is only necessary for dark or low-light scenarios, having a high-powered, quality lighting system can help you take control of nearly every lighting aspect - regardless of your situation. In this blog, we will take a look at some basic tips on getting started with lighting, and what you should consider when looking to up your lighting game.

Step 1: Grab A Great Diffuser

Lighting tips If you find yourself shooting in an area with a lot of natural sunlight, you will want to make sure that you have a way to diffuse the light on your subject prior to shooting. A product such as the Scrim Jim from Westcott Lighting can help block some of the harsh light that is beaming down on your subject from above. Simply set up the scrim in the spot you want, and the large fabric diffuser will filter out the unwanted light. If you find that the scrim takes away too much light, you can use your light rig to add as much light as you wish on the subject - from the angle you choose. With this ability, you don’t leave your subject at the mercy of the sun’s unmoving gaze. You can become the source of light for nearly any subject you are filming.

Step 2: Add A Light Dome Soft-Box

Lighting tips - Light Dome Sometimes, shooting light directly onto your subject can leave them overexposed. You can easily solve this issue by switching out your main reflector with a dome light. A dome light will offer a softer light source, which will land more easily on your subject that is much more pleasing to the eye.

Step 3: Capture The Color Temperature You Want - The Golden Hour

Lighting Tips the Golden Hour Different amounts of light emit different color temperatures. This is most noticeable when you shoot pictures at twilight when the sun’s rays hit just right to give you that warm, magical “golden hour” look. However, it can be tough to time it just right to know when to capture pictures at the exact moment “golden hour” hits. With proper photo and video lighting setup, you can adjust the color temperatures at will from your lighting source to mimic any look and feel you would gain from natural light scenarios. Simply dial in the color temperature you like, and shoot pictures to your heart’s content - making adjustments to the color as you go!

Step 4: Check Your Output Power

Lighting Tips Photo lights power Depending on the light you purchase, you will find a different amount of wattage being pulled into the light itself. The amount will vary by model, but the more wattage being used, the more power that is being required to put out the level of light you desire. This is important to note, as the light will begin to heat up and emit that heat in the area that is being lit up - so make sure to note what levels of wattage are commonly associated with each light you consider.

Step 5: Utilize Your Accessories

lighting accessories photography When setting up a shoot with lighting, you are going to find yourself plugging in quite a bit of camera lighting equipment. The same is true for lights, as you will need a power source to plug into the light rig, as well as a stand to mount the light on to aim it in the direction you desire. If your light features a battery pack, consider using that to cut out one cord from the set. Also, if the light comes with snap-on cord mounts, you can keep cords safely out of the way and avoid tripping hazards.

Learn More Basic Lighting Tips with Gear Focus

These tips and tricks will get you started down the road to using lighting in any shoot. With the right light, you almost never have to worry about time or place, because you can create your own lighting environment to capture the shot you need! At Gear Focus you will find a full list of lighting products for every aspect of photography and videography. Check out Gear Focus's full online catalog, and find more great tips and tricks like this for nearly every aspect of the industry! Gear Focus also has a wide selection of new and used photography gear photography lighting camera equipment.

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