How To Build Your Own Creative Studio


Pierce Codina

Apr 6, 2022

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Been wondering how you can up your creator game? If you're looking to start your own podcast or YouTube channel, a shiny new (or used) camera will only get you so far. Eventually having a set and pro-environment to shoot in will lead to a consistent quality aesthetic your viewers will come to know and hopefully love. Here's the good news - having a pro studio has never been more affordable. Luckily, the resources available from fellow creators are also readily accessible. One of our favorite channels, Chris and Becki, brings a wealth of knowledge on how to transform common spaces into studios.

1. How To Design a Small Space YouTube Filming Backdrop

Not ready to take the leap into designing an entire space? Becki breaks down what is a fantastic first step in creating your space, a backdrop! Best of all, you don't need a super large space to turn a great backdrop for shooting into a reality.

2. How To Design A YouTube Filming Room

If you are fortunate enough to have a space that can solely be dedicated to filming content, you're in luck.  Becki and Chris break down how to separate your space efficiently,  what color/style of paint to use and finally how to use decorations to create your own brand.

3. Building Acoustic Sound Panels - Do They ACTUALLY make a difference?

A simple browse on the interwebs for affordable sound panels returns some...not so affordable results. If you are like us, you've always wondered just how necessary this step is in creating content that relies heavily on visuals. Luckly, you don't have to spend a fortune on soundproofing a room. You can actually do it yourself quite easily and for little investment. Here, Chris and Becky go through the necessary steps to create sound panels and answer the ultimate it really worth the effort?

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