How to Make Quality Video Content On a Budget


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Mar 3, 2022

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Are you looking to upgrade shooting from an iPhone? Want creator-quality content but don't have $1,000s to shell out on new camera and audio gear? A solid lineup of used gear could be your very best option. In two stellar videos from YouTuber Nigelbarros, he guides you through achieving professional-quality videos by optimizing gear. Alongside a few recommendations of what gear you should opt for,  Nigel also breaks down some great tips to take your videos to the next level.

1. Camera Choice

It all starts with a great camera, right? While it might seem tempting to drop $3,500 on a shiny new Sony A7 IV,  you can still achieve quality results with a used camera that is just a few years old and a fraction of the cost. In Nigel's example, he uses the now discontinued Panasonic GH3 to highlight how a low-budget camera can still give you fantastic results. Be careful though, Nigel points out that not all older DSLR cameras can get the job done right.  Here are a few we recommend.

Canon EOS 6D
Nikon D810
Nikon D750
Sony A7S II
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2. Lighting 

When creating a great image, lighting plays a huge role! Make sure you have some decent lighting and more importantly know how to use it. Nigel provides a great overview of two basics that can radically transform your production: white balancing and key lighting. Watch as he describes how to achieve great results using minimal gear.

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3. Sound

As video creators, we can sometimes be so focused on video quality that we forget how important a role audio plays in producing quality content. In this example, Nigel opps for am Aspen Stereo lav mic, but a number of options can get the job done.

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