Sony A7SIII vs A7 IV- Low Light Photos with Joey Helms!


Pierce Codina

Sep 23, 2022

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Back in March of 2022, our founder, Matt, got the chance to travel back home to Chicago to shoot some photos with his A7IV he had gotten off of While he was there, he was able to meet up with fellow photographer and Youtuber, Joey Helms! Conveniently for us, Joey shoots on the Sony A7SIII, so Matt and Joey were able to shoot photos side by side, testing and comparing the cameras in downtown Chicago. In the video, Joey shows us some cool tricks on how to use the surrounding environment to create effects in your image. For instance, there is a stairwell that leads to a bridge next to the Chicago sign. That bridge is enclosed with plexiglass, however, since that Plexiglass has been there for a while, it has weathered and aged. This creates a type of "mist filter" effect as Joey puts it. It's a really interesting effect that rendered some really cool images. Overall the cameras both performed great in low-light conditions. Check out the video for the review  

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