This $25 vintage lens will change the way you shoot


Pierce Codina

Feb 21, 2023

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As the number of pixels increases, the size of photo files gets larger and larger, and the clarity of what we shoot increases, what are we losing?  The surge of vintage camera enthusiasts isn't so much a predictor of things to come, but more of an indication of something we've perhaps lost. What if the character and personality in what we shoot are actually hidden in the flaws, not in the perfection? While newer photo technology might rack up impressive stats on a specs sheet, does it also leave little room for the most important component of great This analog vs digital wrestling match over the past decade has spanned nearly every creative medium out there.  But in 2023, it feels like we have reached a boiling point. A place where we can comfortably combine the past and the future with an outcome that feels uniquely us. Like a great DJ pulling gems from the past and present, the modern-day photographer is equipped with not only the latest technology but decades' worth of history at their disposal. Of course, so many options also poses an extreme challenge...where to begin. Luckily, we've got a great first step. Our resident filmmaker/photographer Josh Balich has found a gem of a lens that can surely inspire you to start unearthing forgotten gear that can add a unique flare to your art. Turns out, Sears made some pretty great gear back in the day. Like Jack White and his trusty Sears-manufactured Silvertone guitar, their gear was always affordable for the everyday person with flaws that gave the artist just enough to wrestle with. Today, Josh is taking a look at Sears manufactured lens full of character and some unexpected quirks. As he notes, there is something cool about getting vintage lenses and throwing them on your newer cameras... it breathes new life into the filmmaking process. When you have technical shortcomings, it forces you to think more creatively. Vintage lenses create this look of authenticity, a perfectly imperfect lens. Watch the video below and you just might find your own unique vintage lens to get your mojo rolling.

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