Comica Vimo C3 Review


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Apr 5, 2023

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Shopping around for a new mic set? Watch Josh walk through the pros and cons of the Comica Gimo C3 wireless mics from his studio and his…motorcycle? 


The Specs

To get started, a few specs about the Gimo C3s. They come in this little charging case with 2 mics and 1 receiver and have around a 656 range when recording. The mics have a 8 hour battery life and the charging case extends that to 20 extra hours. The receiver  has a monitor on the back to visually see your audio which is nice.The mics and receiver are paired and turn on right when you pull it out of the case, a very handy plus. They also come with a mono/stereo mode to switch so you can have a safety channel when recording.

The Build

In terms of the quality, they do feel a bit plasticy. However, considering the price point of $140 compared to major competitors, the build is also expected. On the plus side, these mics are super small and extremely portable. Unfortunately, there is no mic jack on the mic itself, so you will not have the ability to attach a lav mic. 

Sound Quality

The sound quality for the price blew us away. In Josh’s video, he does a comparison between the more expensive Rode Wireless Go II. Without being a sound expert, the quality from each one of the mics seemed comparable with one difference, the Gimo has a noise canceling feature - insert motorcycle. While Josh tested out the noise cancelation on his bike, it became obvious that under heavy background noise, these mis start to falter. The result is a very weird, tiny and affected sound quality. Would these work better under less abrasive conditions? Perhaps, but it does seem like the same modulation in sound quality would occur. 


While we won’t hold the build quality against these mics (primarily due to the price point), the noise cancelation feature does seem to be more of a gimmick than everything else. The fact you have to attached mic and can’t actually plug in a lav mic could also be a drawback for many. Depending on wardrobe, the mic as it is will be pretty noticeable. Finally the inability for internal recording is definitely a drawback and there is an unusual lag between pressing between turning on the mic and recording. 


In conclusion we’re able to honestly say that for the price point, this might be the best mic set out there for creators. It’s simple, easy, and the audio quality is on par with some of the more expensive mic options. If the cons mentioned above aren’t enough to hold you back, this just be the set of mics you’ve  been waiting for. 

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